Wired but Tired?  Or simply exhausted?


How do I know if my adrenals are functioning?


Adrenal fatigue is a condition that affects many people and can be frustrating to diagnose as you just don’t feel like yourself.


It can be frustrating as your body no longer is functioning how it used to, and this feeling of not being yourself, or feeling burnt out can lead to anxiety and depression.

Signs that you may be experiencing adrenal fatigue:


    • Waking up and not having the energy to get out of bed
    • General exhaustion
    • Irregular sleep patterns
    • Experiencing a surge of energy at bedtime
    • Exercising without results
    • Nervousness
    • Weight gain in your abdomen
    • Inflammation
    • Sugar and salt cravings

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue mirror quite a few conditions ranging from thyroid problems, hormones imbalances, anemia and even poor digestion. For this reason, I strongly suggest that a full review of your medical history and lifestyle to identify the root of your symptoms.

Suggested laboratory testing

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