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FAQ: IV Therapy (Published by the Kississpi Times)

Q:  What is the difference between taking vitamins orally and having them infused?

The main difference is the absorption of oral supplementation is dependant on your digestive health.  Even with a healthy gut, the vitamins, minerals and amino acids can bind to the food you have consumed and be excreted – decreasing the rate of absorption.  The benefit of IV therapy is that the contents are delivered directly into your blood resulting in a higher absorption rate.  This means that you are getting a higher dose and potentially faster results.

Q:  Why would I need Intravenous Therapy?

Our custom IV formulations are created for a range of individuals; from athletic recovery and optimization to chronic illness such as adrenal fatigue, lyme disease and even Parkinson’s.  IV bags can include magnesium and amino acids to support muscle recovery, selenium to improve thyroid function and increase metabolism, vitamin C for immune support, and  glutathione which is an antioxidant that can prolong the benefits of Levodopa (Parkinson’s medication).  

Q:  How do I know this therapy is safe for me?

Although IV therapy is safe for most people, our board certified Naturopathic Doctors conduct a thorough review of your medical history and will perform a physical exam.  This process will allow us to gain a comprehensive understanding of treatment options and will also give us the necessary information to customize your IV formula.  Individuals with compromised kidney function are not ideal candidates for IV infusion therapy.  For this reason, we will evaluate all patient’s creatinine and eGFR levels.   

Q:  How often do I need to receive treatment?

A:  This really depends on your health concerns.  Typically, patients will come in weekly for the first 2-4 weeks.  This will allow us to replete your body with the infused nutrients.  Afterwards, we suggest monthly IV treatments to maintain your nutrient levels.

Q:  How and where are your IV Bags made?

The benefit of choosing Nutrichem is that we are licensed compounding pharmacy.  Not only will our compounding pharmacists review all IV formulas, they also have a quality assurance process that will verify each bag and its contents, adhere to the regulations set forth by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.  

Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND

Dr. Yousuf believes that the foundation of health is digestion.  Healing the microbiome, decreasing inflammation, eliminating parasites, and improving nutritional absorption can have a profound effect on the rest of the body.  His clinical focus extends to Men and Women’s Sexual Health and hormone regulation with treatments including bio-identical hormones and desiccated thyroid.

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Dr. Yousuf, ND Discusses: What to expect during your first Naturopathic appointment

What to expect during your first Naturopathic visit? Tune in to find out!

What can I expect during a Naturopathic visit? Dr. Yousuf and Dr. Sarah are you answering your questions right now for #NaturopathicMedicineWeekwithNutriChem

Posted by NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy & Clinic on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND

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Dr. Yousuf, ND Discusses: The Gut-Brain connection

How non optimal intestinal health contributes to Anxiety and Depression.

The Gut-Brain connection – Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND discusses how non optimal intestinal health contributes to Anxiety and Depression. #WellnesswithNutriChem Have questions? Comment below!

Posted by NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy & Clinic on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND

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Dr. Yousuf, ND Discusses: Which probiotic strain is right for you? How you can rebalance your gut.

Which Probiotic Strain is right for you? Tune in with ND, Yousuf Siddiqui now!

Join Naturopathic Doctor, Yousuf Siddiqui as he goes live to discuss probiotics and which are right for you. #WellnesswithNutriChem

Posted by NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy & Clinic on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND

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Dr. Yousuf, ND Discusses: Wired but Tired? Or simply exhausted?

How do I know if my adrenals are functioning?

Adrenal fatigue is a condition that affects a lot of people at this time of year.  It can be frustrating as your body not longer is functioning how it use to.  I often see patient who are burnout and develop signs of depression and anxiety because they are functioning at a suboptimal level.  Simply – they do not feel like themselves anymore.

Signs that you may be experiencing adrenal fatigue

  • Waking up and not having the energy to get out of bed
  • General exhaustion.
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Experiencing a surge of energy at bedtime
  • Exercising without results
  • Nervousness
  • Weight gain in your abdomen
  • Inflammation
  • Sugar and salt cravings!

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue mirror quite a few conditions ranging from thyroid problems, hormones imbalances, anemia and even poor digestion!  For this reason, I strongly suggest that a full review of your life history be conducted.  This will enable your practitioner to identify the root of your symptoms.

Suggested Laboratory Testing

  • Thyroid Panel:  TSH, T4 and T3
  • Iron Level:  Ferritin/TIBC
  • Hormone Panel:  FSH, Estrone, Estradiiol, Progesteron, Testosterone, DHEA.
  • CBC with differential 
  • Serum Cortisol

Gold Standard Adrenal Panel

– Salivary Cortisol Test:  This test provides accurate information how your adrenals are performing throughout the day.

How can IV Therapy improve my adrenals?

Most people are aware that IV Therapy is an effective treatment that provides high doses of vitamins directly into your blood stream as it by-passes the digestive tract.  But did you know that I am able to administer much higher dose in a solution that will help drive minerals, vitamins and amino acids into your cells?  This means that we are able to increase your nutritional status quickly – leaving you with a more resilient body!

What are your favourite ingredients in an Adrenal IV Bag?

Selenium Not only can selenium support your adrenals, but it is also used to increase your immune function (which is typically low with adrenal fatigue).
Vitamin C The stress buster!  Did you know that you body burns through Vitamin C during stressful times?  Most people will experience loose stools with high dose oral supplementation.  IV gives me the opportunity to administer up to 50g at one time!
B12 High stress and cortisol levels often lead to low B12 in the body.  It also helps to improve mood and decrease anxiety
B6 Supports the production of GABA and can improve your sleep and help to regulate overstimulation.
B5 Your body requires pantothenic acid to produce Coenzyme A which can support the healthy production of cortisol.
Amino Acids Amino acids are derived from protien and are the building blocks of your body.  They will help to increase your energy, muscle tone and leave your feeling re-built.

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Dr. Yousuf, ND Discusses: Troubleshooting Testosterone

I am sure you have googled it.  Perhaps you have even experimented with various supplements and work out regimes.  In my practice, I frequently see men who are interested in increasing their testosterone for an array of reasons.  Not only is testosterone required for sexual function, it also plays a role in motivation, body fat  and mood.

Clinically, I am starting to see a new trend of men in their 20s, 30s and 40s who are unfortunately experiencing the signs and symptoms of low- T.  They often have concerns with lack of energy, decreased ability to build muscle mass, decreased sex drive, and/or difficultly maintaining an erection.  As you can imagine, these concerns play a major role in an guy’s quality of life.  

I thought I would take this opportunity to answer a few questions that are frequently asked during my consultations with the hope that you, or someone you know, can benefit.  

I am on a mission to loose weight and build testosterone however I am frustrated that I am not getting results.

This is more common than you think.  You may be surprised to learn that all men produce and require estrogen – which is a good thing for decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.     That being said, the estrogen/testosterone ratio needs to be maintained in order to optimize your health and help you to achieve your goals.  Adipose tissue (fat cells) not only contain an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone into estrogen, it is also where estrogen itself is stored.  As part of any testosterone boosting treatment, I almost always recommend resistance and cardiovascular training.  In some men, the increase in testosterone is offset by the increased rate of conversion to estrogen.  It is also important to consider that as the fats cells decrease, estrogen is released in your body.  For this reason, I often recommend a natural aromatase inhibitor to ensure that excessive estrogen is metabolized and excreted.  This can be achieved through supplementation or by increasing the consumption of cruciferous vegetables as they contain 3,3 Diindolymethane.

Why are you asking about my bowel movements?

Yep – we are going there!  Your stool provides your practitioner with a lot of information about how your body is absorbing nutrients and the quality of your microbiome (gut bacteria).  A healthy bowel movement is about the thickness of a loonie, fully formed, and easy to pass.  Thinner stool may mean that you prostate is enlarged.  This is commonly associate with testosterone being converted to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  DHT is linked to premature balding as well as enlarged prostate. 

I am taking supplements, lifting weights, and eating a lot of protein.  Why are my testosterone levels not increasing.  

This can be really frustrating.  You are doing all the right things and yet you are not seeing any benefit.  Or perhaps you are feeling slightly better but you still do not feel like yourself.   The answer to this question is unique to each individual and requires a full investigation.  Ask your naturopathic doctor to complete a full blood chemistry.  Below are a few of the tests I commonly order to help gain an understanding what is going on in my patient’s body.  

  • Testosterone:  There are different blood tests to evaluate for testosterone.  It is important to note that 44% of testosterone is bound to sex hormone single globulin, 50% is bound to albumin, and 2-3% is free testosterone. 
  • DHT:  This test is ordered if you are experiencing premature hair loss and signs of prostate enlargement.  Some men over-convert testosterone into DHT.
  • Estradiol:  This will help us to evaluate the testosterone and estrogen ratio.
  • Fasting Blood Glucose/HbA1C:  Diabetes can be a cause of erectile dysfunction
  • AST/ALT (Liver Function):  Allows me to evaluate your body’s ability to metabolize hormones in the liver
  • Cholesterol Panel:  Good cholesterol is needed by your body to make sex hormones.  High amounts of bad cholesterol may indicate the needs for a cardiovascular assessment.
  • Serum Cortisol (Morning) and DHEA:  This will help to evaluate how your adrenal gland is functioning and is one way of evaluating how stress is effecting your body. DHEA is secreted by both the adrenal gland and testes and is converted to sex hormones.

Increasing your testosterone naturally can not only improve sexual function, but also has a positive impact on confidence and mood.  Hopefully this information provides you with some insight towards troubleshooting why your testosterone levels are low.  Feel free to contact the NutriChem clinic at (613) 721-3669 should you have any questions.

Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND


Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND has spent the last 20 years exploring the different facets of health restoration.  From the Peruvian Amazon to Ayurvedic hospitals in India,  his passion to understand the human body lead him to complete a 4-year post graduate degree in Naturopathic Medicine.  

Initially trained in architectural science, Dr. Yousuf believes that the foundation of health is digestion.  Healing the microbiome, decreasing inflammation, eliminating parasites, and improving nutritional absorption can have a profound effect on the rest of the body.  His clinical focus extends to Men and Women’s Sexual Health and hormone regulation with treatments including bio-identical hormones and desiccated thyroid.

Dr. Yousuf is excited to be introducing intravenous infusion therapy at Nutrichem as an adjunct care to treat adrenal fatigue, IBS, immune function, collagen support, and many other conditions.   Dr. Yousuf is in good standing with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.  He is also a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and is the Naturopathic Medical Advisor to Bio Lonreco. 

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Dr. Yousuf, ND Discusses: Why he uses specialized testing in his practice.

Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND talks about why he uses specialized testing in his practice.

Dr. Yousuf ND talks about why he uses specialized testing such as IV Therapy in his practice. #NaturopathicMedicineWeekwithNutriChem

Posted by NutriChem Compounding Pharmacy & Clinic on Monday, May 13, 2019

Dr. Yousuf Siddiqui, ND

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Dr. Yousuf, ND Discusses: Fertility – The “F” word

Let’s be honest – Infertility can be stressful.   I have seen a lot of cases where the female partner takes ownership of the process because she feels accountable for not being able to conceive.  Yet, according to Assisted Human Reproduction Canada, only 40% of infertility cases are caused solely by female factors!  In other words, there is more to conceiving a baby than hormones and reproductive organs. 

Whether you are starting the process, or you are undergoing fertility treatment,  it is important to assess how your body is functioning biochemically.  This will allow your naturopathic doctor to address any underlying imbalances that are impeding conception.  Typically this involves blood work and specialized labs that extend beyond hormones, and evaluates specific markers relating to your endocrine system, digestion, mitochondrial function, and detoxification pathways.   Remember that only 40% of infertility cases are due to the female reproductive system.

The Organic Acid Test is an effective tool that uses 75 markers to provide a snap shot of how the various systems in your body are performing.  It is not uncommon to see dysregulated mitochondria or even compromised detoxification pathways when helping couples get pregnant, both of which help to protect your body against oxidative stress and optimize DNA integrity.  When properly treated, this alone can improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy as DNA replication is the main process for embryo development. 

When planning to get pregnant, it is a good idea to give yourself three months to detox and rebalance your body.  This will help to increase you chances of pregnancy and support a healthy one!  Building and supporting your nutritional status can be easily done by with a good quality prenatal multivitamin three months before attempting to conceive.   When choosing your prenatal, review the ingredients and make sure it includes MTFR forms of B vitamins as they allow for proper absorption and utilization.  Essential fatty acids (high DHA) in the form of a fish oil play a role in fetal neural development, helps to decrease inflammation, and increases circulation.

Getting pregnant is an exciting and anxious time for couples.  For this reason, managing stress plays a critical role.  Meditation and physical exercise are a great way to offset the effects of elevated cortisol (stress hormone), which can have a negative effect on your sex hormones.  Stress is managed by taking herbal complexes; however it is a good idea to have your naturopathic doctor review what you are taking.  Tribulus, used in fertility and for stress, can falsely raise FSH levels (for those of you undergoing fertility treatments).  

For the guys: CoQ10, carnitine, and arginine are a great starting point as they can increase the quality of sperm and motility.  It is a great idea to continue to exercise but make sure that you are wearing loose underwear as heat can decrease your sperm count.  It is also a good idea to “flush your pipes” 3 to 4 times a week.  This help to ensure that your ejaculate contains highly motile and healthy sperm when attempting to conceive. 

Acupuncture is a very common adjunct care treatment for those going through IVF or IUI.    Clinically, the best results are achieved by adapting the Paulus Protocol with a technique called the sacred turtle.  If you are not familiar with acupuncture, treatments are scheduled around ovulation and implantation.

The Association for Pre-conception Healthcare in the UK conducted a study that stated  couples going through IVF were 47% more likely to get pregnant if they used a pre-conception healthcare plan prior to treatment.  This is mainly due to the fact that IVF does not improve chromosomes, mitochondrial function, pregnancy health, nor children’s health outcomes.  This may be why I see a growing number of couples enter my practice who have undergone IVF treatments without success. Fertility can be both exciting and anxiety ridden time for a lot of people.  You and your spouse’s connection, along with some biochemical support, are going to get you pregnant.  Take a deep breathe and partner together.

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